Mylogsplitter.com began out of frustration while searching to buy my own log splitter.

After spending hours trying to understand and decipher the ‘lingo’ used by manufacturers, I found it really tough to make accurate comparisons between machines, and ended up totally confused!

I’m guessing thats probably where you’re at too!

Am I right?

I mean, the list was huge –

Gas Log Splitters, Electric Log Splitters, Kinetic Gas Log Splitters, Kinetic Electric Splitters, manual log splitters…. I mean really… far too many options… especially when you haven’t bought one before.

But from there it got worse, these manufacturers started going on about things like…

Kinetic force, tonnage, flywheels, cycle times, engine capacity, cords of wood, wedges… gah!

… It was at this point…

That I decided to do something about it.

That’s where the ‘MyLogSplitter’ brand came from.

Hi, I’m Brad.

I love a good piece of machinery just like the next guy, but when I began this all I was no expert. I’ve done a whole lot of research to learn what all that stuff above actually means and how I can support you in making your log splitter purchase decision.

It’s my goal to help you buy a log splitter that will suit your needs and meet the demands you place on it.

If you do want to learn some of the ‘lingoes’ to make comparisons simpler, go to my ‘Glossary of Log Splitter Terms.’

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to giving you a hand.

– Brad

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