4 Fast Log Splitter Options! Pick From The Best.

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Hows your log pile looking?

If you’ve just done a google search looking for a fast log splitter then I’m guessing that the log pile is high and the split pile is pretty low.

Not to worry though, This article will give you a few different options, whatever your budget.

What Type of Log splitters are the fastest?

Fast Log Splitter - Do you have the need for speed?
Have the Need for Speed?

As I began to compile this list I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t quite sure which type of splitter would actually win the ‘fast log splitter’ race.

I quickly learned, however; that Gas Log Splitters are far and away better than any other type if you’re looking to get the job done in a hurry.

There are a couple of sub-categories within the ‘gas’ type, being the regular hydraulic kind and the Kinetic Flywheel that results in an incredible 2.5 second cycle time with a massive 28-ton capability!

What is Cycle Time?

OK, so cycle time is the measurement you’re after. This metric represents the time it takes for the hydraulic ram to push the log/wood into the splitter and then return to its initial starting position. This time varies between machines and is one of the key questions you should be asking before you make a purchase – particularly if you have a large pile of logs to split in a short amount of time.

Some of the higher-end log splitters sport cycle times as low as 10 seconds, making short work of any pile. Unfortunately, not all log splitters have this metric written down somewhere so you often need to ask the question when you are searching.

We have done a bit of research for you and listed the cycle times of some of the fastest log/wood splitters we could find.

#1 – Detail K2 Log Splitter THE FASTEST ‘Fast Log Splitter’*

Purely made for speed! – Misses the mark in a couple of ways though so read on.

If it’s speed you’re looking for, then this fast log splitter is your answer! (*I literally mean if speed is your ONLY consideration)

With an insanely fast 1-second cycle time – this log splitter certainly meets the speed requirement!

The Positives

The key feature that we love the most about this log splitter is its cycle time. This machine can split a log, and return the ram back into position in 1 second – that makes this one a very fast log splitter indeed!

Other features included in the Detail K2 Log Splitter include the fact that it can produce 40 tons of splitting force. This means that there are very few logs that will be an issue – even at speed.

Another feature of this model is that because it makes use of a flywheel, there is no hydraulics used – meaning there is no chance of messy hydraulic oil leakages down the track.

The Negatives

OK, so the glaring elephant in the room is that there are not a lot of customer reviews on this log splitter, and the few that are there are not overly positive.

A few of the customers complained that there were a few pieces missing from the package, which caused drama putting it all together, and the customer service wasn’t fantastic at dealing with the situation.

Our Opinion

OK, so the title of this blog post is all about needing a ‘fast log splitter’. Well, if that is your primary consideration, this log splitter is difficult to move past – with its 1-second cycle time.

However, I would recommend reading a few more of the reviews below to get a good idea as to which option might meet your ‘need for speed’ while ticking a few other boxes while it’s at it. Option 2 may be more of an ‘all-around’ solution to your speed needs.

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#2 – Powerhorse Double Flywheel Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

Best All-Rounder Fast Log Splitter

The Positives

Alright, so this log splitter came in second, but I have to say that it’s probably my favorite. This is because It’s a bit more of an ‘all rounder’ than the Detail K2 Model.

With a 2 second cycle time because of its use of the ‘double flywheel’ technology it’s still killer fast, and definitely ticks the speed box.

Coming with a log cradle, you won’t have to worry about logs going on the floor or landing on your toes after they’ve been split, its landing area is perfect to offload the split wood.

Another great thing about this log splitter is that it runs on electricity (which is different from its competitor above). The reason I think the electric option is a great one is that you don’t need to consider ventilation when you want to use it. You can set up inside no worries without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning. Meaning you can stay warm in your shed or garage while you split firewood.

The Negatives

Again, there aren’t a huge number of reviews on this model, so it is difficult to know what the overall user experience is with this model log splitter.

Our Opinion

I put this guy in second place for two main reasons, the first being the fact that a 2-second cycle time is pretty damn fast! The second reason is the fact that it makes use of an electric motor to power the flywheel – meaning it can be used anywhere on your property.

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#3 – Buffalo Tools Kinetic Gas Log Splitter (KSPLIT10)

Great Flywheel – Gas Powered Combo!

The Positives

The Negatives

Our Opinion

#4 – CHAMPION 7-Ton – Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return


The Positives

The Negatives

Our Opinion

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