How Hot Should a Log Splitter Get?

May 31, 2023

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At or below 160 Degrees Farenheight is generally thought to be acceptable. If it rises higher, you may have issues.

After researching how hot should a log splitter get in a number of places, It seems that there is a general consensus that if your Log splitter is running quite hot, then it is generally not a problem. Particularly during summer as you can expect a log splitter to run hotter along with the weather.

How hot should hydraulic oil get on a log splitter?

If your splitter is running at round 160 degrees, this is generally an acceptable temperature. If the temperature rises above 180 degrees farenheight, there is a pretty solid chance you will do damage to the seal and damage the pump as the viscosity of the oil will break down as you near these temperatures.

If you are concerned, I would recommend changing your oil regularly if you know that your log splitter runs hot.

how hot should a log splitter get

Are hydraulic cylinders supposed to get hot?

Yes, they are designed to withstand some significant heat however, If you notice that there is hydraulic fluid or oil leaking from some point on the log splitter, then you would want to stop what you are doing and deal with it. leakages could lead to low oil issues and further overheating.

What causes a hydraulic cylinder to get hot?

A hydraulic cylinder will become hotter and hotter as the hydaulic oil is under intense pressure to move the piston.

One of the main reasons that a hydraulic cylinder might head up could be that you may have a small leak on the seal or fittings on the system. If air bubbles get in, as they are compressed they generate heat which is then passed into the hydraulic oil and then out to the cylinder.

So, if you notice that your hydraulic cylinder keeps heating up, check your seals and make sure you have a well greased up Ram.

Should you grease a log splitter?


In particular, you need to make sure that the Ram is well lubricated. This is because the grease prevents the ram from developing rust. So, you need to make sure that literally every inch of the ram is covered solidly in grease.

Another reason to make sure that your Log splitter ram is fully greased up is that if a ram gets rusty, it will damage the hydraulic seal. That means leaks and the like.

So, if you notice that your Ram is getting rusty at all, be sure you sand it back a little, give it a good clean down and then apply grease.

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