How to Make a Battle Axe Out of Wood – 7 Simple Steps

May 31, 2023

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I was watching a movie last week that had a battle using axes, it was brutal!

The lead character had to make his own battle axe using only the timber available to him.

It got me wondering, would it be possible to figure out how to make a battle axe out of wood. I mean, the bigger question is How do you make a battle AXE?

How to Make a Battle Axe Out of Wood

You can make your own battle axe with wooden components with just some basic tools and materials, so it’s something that nearly anyone can do at home.

In this article, we’ll give you the steps to follow and tips for making your own battle axe out of wood, so you can craft one of your own at home in no time!

How to make Gimlis Battle-Axe out of wood! - Free templates

How to Make a Wooden Axe in Real Life

Learning how to make a battle axe out of wood – What You Need

All you need for making a battle axe is wood and some tools. The first step is getting pieces of wood for your weapon. While hardwood such as oak or maple works best, softwoods like poplar are also viable options. You can even use plywood if you don’t have access to stronger materials.

Regardless of what type of wood you choose, be sure it’s not treated in any way, as chemicals will damage your axe.

Step 1- Gather Wood

Although most battle axes are forged from iron, you can make one out of wood. Gather some scrap pieces of hardwood and shape them into an axe head. Cut a thick piece about four inches wide and about three feet long. Then carve it down on both sides so that it’s flat on both ends. This will be your axe head.

Make sure you find another board about two inches in diameter—the handle—and use a hand saw to carefully cut it into six-inch-long segments. If you don’t have access to power tools, consider using a knife or hatchet instead; just know that it might take longer. Remember, too, if your handle is thicker than two inches it may not fit well on your blade.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

Use your handsaw to cut two hardwood logs into 6-inch sections.

These will be your axe’s blades. Next, use your handsaw and a framing square (or ruler) to fashion straight lines on each side of each blade that are 2 inches in from each end, dividing them into six equal parts.

(A framing square has a 90-degree edge that can help you draw perfectly straight lines.)

Set these aside for now.

Step 3 – Shape the Blade

If you want to know how to make a battle axe out of wood, you need to start with hardwood, such as oak or hickory. Round out one end of your wood log until it resembles an axe head.

You’ll need hardwood for your handle too; ash is ideal because it’s both strong and lightweight. Split one end off and shape each piece into an axe handle until they fit together smoothly.

Once you’ve cut all your pieces, join them together with iron nails or wooden pegs.

Step 4 – Shape the Hilt

The hardest part about making a battle axe is shaping and rounding off the grip for your hand. It’s imperative that you make it fit perfectly, as not only will you be holding onto it during use, but it can also become easily slippery when covered in (fake) blood.

There are many ways to shape wood, including using an axe or a chainsaw; however, if you have neither of these at home (or work), then you’ll need something stronger than an old butter knife.

Step 5 – Assemble It All Together

After you have everything cut and sanded, assemble your battle axe. It’s as simple as drilling two holes on either side of each piece and slotting them together with wood glue.

For added strength, make sure your wood pieces are not warped. You might need to put some heavy things on top while it dries overnight—but once it’s dried and assembled properly, you’ll be able to wield it in style.

Step 6 – Finish It off with Leather and Fittings

If you have several oak logs, and you’re determined to make one big battle axe, you can do so. You’ll need three heavy-duty leather belts (1 1/2 inches or wider), 8-10 inches long.

Overlap two leather belts and lash them together with 2 foot segments of 3/8 inch dowel. This is your hilt; set it aside for now.

Step 7 – A Final Coat of Paint?

Once you’ve sanded your axe, wipe it down with some turpentine and give it a good coat of linseed oil. Linseed oil will make your wood shiny, but it also has benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

It gives wood resistance to wear and tear while improving its tensile strength—otherwise known as its ability to bend without breaking.

And that is How to make a battle axe out of wood!

How to Make a Axe with Cardboard

If this is all too much, you could think about making an axe out of cardboard. It will take a little time, but totally worth the effort. If you don’t need it to last through the weather or a LARP fight, a cardboard option could be a great one.

Watch the video below to learn how to create your own:

How to Make a DIY Viking Axe

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