Gorillabac Log Lifter – Log Lift Crane Review

May 31, 2023

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I still remember that gut-wrenching feeling when I knew something wasn’t right.

I was lifting a large wooden stage to put it in storage, and I felt something give above my groin…

It turned out to be a double hernia, and boy was it painful – and I was so limited in what I could do until I could get the surgery done.

Being careful is still important to me when working in the yard because I don’t want that experience again.

Maybe you can relate?

The Gorillabac Log lifter is a seriously great tool, particularly if you’ve had back troubles or hernia issues. It’s definitely not perfect in every way, but if used correctly, it could just save you a trip to the ER.

According to the Gorrilabac website:

“Gorillabac is the only log splitter, pickup truck or ATV attachment log crane that will Pull, Lift, Position and Hold logs for wood splitting or loading.”


Some of the functions of the Gorillabac Log Lifter include:

  1. Retrieving oversized logs out of the woods
  2. Lifting logs
  3. Positioning logs onto the log splitter beam – ready for splitting, or a truck bed for transport to your splitter
  4. Holding logs in position while cutting or splitting

Whether working alone or with someone, Gorillabac improves Safety, Efficiency, Wood Yield, and (in my humble opinion) Fun!

Let a gorilla do the work.

Stop working on your knees or crouching over splitting big logs in the vertical position. Stop the repetitive lifting and twisting and poor ergonomic positions. With Gorillabac you manage the wood at waist level and no longer need to struggle rolling logs and lifting and holding.

Assembly of the Gorrilabac Log Lifter

Assembly is particularly easy. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to put all the pieces together.

I found that getting close to the rounds that need split and rolling them close enough to use the lift was a lot more effective.

After you split a big round you can just swing the other section out of your way until you get the other side split up too.

Receiver Hitch Hoist to Pull Logs to the Truck

Slow as far as pulling a log to the truck or splitter but makes the work so much easier.

Pickup Truck Crane, receiver hitch hoist demonstration with Gorillabac log Splitter lift attachment.

Gorrillabac Log Lifter – Lift Arm Attachment to Log Splitter

Demonstration of Gorillabac log splitter lift arm equipment Patented 9802800, 9150387

The wife and I split about two cords yesterday. She ran the splitter and I would hook up another log while she was splitting the last of the previous one. The only thing I may do is upgrade to a better winch for a faster-pulling speed, which comes with what appears to be an imported 2k winch.

I am sure it will be fine but they are slow and noisy.

We split some live oak that I felled last weekend, biggest round was probably 24” across and 21”-23” long. No issues at all lifting them. No more wrestling the big one to split with splitter vertical and def no more picking up a bigger round for me. The owner of the company is very responsive to questions and seems like a genuinely good dude.

The Positives

  • The Gorillabac Model 3803 comes with the Gorillabac Grip Model 830 screw ring included.

The Negatives:

  • It does not include the Pickup truck extension Model 4000
  • Does not include a battery for its operation

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