Northern Tool Log Splitters – A Complete Guide

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If you’ve been looking for Northern Tool Log Splitters, you will be surprised to learn that you should have been looking for the brand NorthStar. Read on to find out more, and see some of the best log splitter options from the Northern Tool company.

Where Northern Tool Log Splitters Began

It was in the year 1981 that Donald L. Kotula, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Northern Tool + Equipment opened his first store in Burnsville and has not turned back since then.

The family business kept on growing and it was in 1991 that they started manufacturing products like log splitters, air compressors and pressure washers under the NorthStar brand. It was finally in the year 1998 that the family business name was changed to Northern Tool + Equipment which till date provides a wide selection of quality products at a great price.

Their NorthStar log splitters are especially strong, rugged and dependable for any business, organization or industry relying on quality work for optimal performance. If you are looking for the right Northern Tool log splitters for your business, these 5 reviews of their topmost products should help you decide.

The Top 5 Northern Tool Log Splitters (by NorthStar)

The reviews below are are listed in order of magnitude for each splitter along with the engine size for each, including :

  • 37 Ton with Log Lift – 389cc Honda
  • 37 Ton – 389cc Honda
  • 37 Ton – 270cc Honda
  • 30 Ton – 200cc Honda
  • 24 Ton – 160cc Honda

#1 NorthStar Horizontal Log Splitter with Log Lift – 37-Ton, 389cc Honda GX390 Engine


The NorthStar 37-ton Horizontal Log splitter with a 389cc Honda GX390 engine comes with various features for optimal work efficiency. It has an industrial-strength I-beam made of reinforced heavy plate steel to split the largest logs while its auto-return wedge system saves your splitting time and effort.


A quad filtering system of four different parts protects the splitter’s premium hydraulic system from possible contamination. It also has a large hydraulic oil reservoir that reduces wear by cooling the fluid and thus making it last longer. It also has a hydraulic log lift that helps lift and split logs weighing a maximum of 340 pounds and measuring 31”x 24”.

Additional features

  • Assembly- Pre-assembled
  • Portability- Yes with 12” high-speed tires and hubs, integrated trailer lights and torsion axle
  • Wedge size- 12”
  • Cycle time- 13 seconds
  • Fuel capacity- 1.6 gallons
  • Oil reservoir capacity- 21 gallons
  • Automatic low-oil shutdown- Yes
  • Log Lift- Yes

#2 – NorthStar Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 37-Ton, 389cc Honda GX390 Engine


The NorthStar 37 ton Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter runs on a 389cc Honda GX390 Engine and is the company’s best horizontal/vertical log splitter. It boasts of a multi-patented design of an industrial-strength heavy plate steel reinforced I-beam.

It’s patented alloy steel auto-return wedge maintains consistent splitting while saving time and effort. It also has a unique curve that maximizes penetrating force by reducing the initial contact area while it’s Wedge Wings improves the stroke efficiency.

Its premium hydraulic system has a four part filtering system protecting it from contaminants. Its huge hydraulic oil reservoir helps cool the fluid, reduce its wear and tear so that it lasts longer. This Northern Tool log splitter is designed to be used both horizontally and vertically thanks to its slide-action, self-leveling pivot that makes switching between the two positions so easy.

Additional features

  • Assembly- Some needed
  • Portability- Yes with 12” high-speed tires and hubs and integrated trailer lights
  • Wedge size- 8 ½”
  • Cycle time- 14 seconds
  • Fuel capacity- 1.6 gallons
  • Oil reservoir capacity- 15 gallons
  • Automatic low-oil shutdown- Yes
  • Log lift- No

3)      NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 37-Ton, 270cc Honda GX270 Engine

The 37 ton NorthStar Log Splitter powered by a 270cc Honda GX270 engine effectively splits any log in a vertical or horizontal position. This Northern Tool log splitter has an additional auto idle/throttle control feature where it automatically starts idling while you load the next load. This not only reduces the engine noise, but also saves fuel.

It also boasts of a Concentric 2-stage pump which adjusts its flow and pressure as required. It delivers high flow/low pressure when there’s no resistance and low flow/high pressure while splitting logs to reduce travel time and horse power, and increase productivity.  In addition to all this, it has a 4-way wedge that helps quarter logs as large as 25” x 16” with a single split instead of using 3 splits.

Wood Logs about to be split with a log splitter

Additional features

Assembly- Required

Portability- Yes, with 4.8” tires

Wedge size- 12”

Cycle time- 14 seconds

Fuel capacity-1.4 gallons

Oil reservoir capacity- 9 gallons

Automatic low-oil shutdown- Yes

Lights- No

Log lift- No

4)      NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 30-Ton, 200cc Honda GX200 Engine

The backbone of the 30-ton NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter with 200 cc Honda GX200 engine is its industrial strength, heavy plate, steel reinforced I-beam. Together the Northern Tool log splitter increases your work and performance efficiency while saving precious time.

It has a patented alloy steel wedge which helps maintain consistent splitting while its unique curve offers maximum penetrating force by reducing initial contact. While its auto-return wedge reduces splitting time and effort, fitting optional NorthStar Wedge Wings helps increase each stroke’s efficiency.

A quad filtering system protects its hydraulic system from contamination while the large hydraulic oil reservoir cools fluid and reduces wear to prolong fluid life. It’s sliding action self-leveling pivot simplifies switching between horizontal and vertical splitting.

Additional features

Assembly- Some required

Portability- Yes

Wedge size- 8 1/2”

Automatic low-oil shutdown- Yes

Lights- No

Max Log size- 25” x 16”

Log lift-No

5)      NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 24-Ton, 160cc Honda GX160 Engine

The 24 ton NorthStar Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter powered by 160cc Honda GX160 engine has a strong, heavy reinforced steel plate I-beam. Its alloy steel wedge has a patented design with a unique curve that reduces contact area while maximizing penetrating force and maintains consistent splitting. Fitting it with additional optional NorthStar Wedge Wings increases its stroke efficiency while its auto-return wedge reduces splitting time and effort.

Its premium hydraulic system is protected from possible contamination by a quad filtering system. it has a large hydraulic oil reservoir to cool the fuel so that it lasts longer with minimal wear and tear. Switching between horizontal and vertical splitting is easy with its slide-action self-leveling pivot.

Wood Pile made using northern tool log splitters

Additional features

Assembly- Some needed

Portability- Yes with 8” tires

Wedge size- 8 1/2”

Cycle time- 13 seconds

Oil reservoir capacity- 8 gallons

Log lift- No

Max log size- 25″ x 16″

These 5 reviews show you the main features of the most popular northern Tool log splitters to help you find the best sized log splitter for your log cutting needs.

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