Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter Review

May 31, 2023

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Finding the right log splitter for home or commercial use can be pretty confusing.

Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter

Weighing up engine capacities, along with splitting force and cycle times can often mean sacrificing one benefit for another. This review of the Northstar 24 Ton Log splitter is meant to give you a good understanding of its specific capabilities and limitations.

It’s not the right option for everyone, so read on and see if this guy is what you need.


northstar 24 ton log splitter - with ahonda gx160

The Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter is a convenient solution that can manage some pretty tough log splitting tasks you might need to complete. This splitter features a Honda GX160 engine that produces 24 tons of ram force – which is huge. Meaning that this splitter can go through the most challenging bits of wood.

You can tote the splitter around anywhere around your yard, as you can hitch it to any vehicle. It also uses less fuel and features a four-part filtration system to keep the unit intact. The design ensures you’ll have more time to split logs without needing to maintain the splitter as often as you’d expect. It’s also easy to use, as it features a setup that secures your logs and keeps them in place when you’re ready for splitting.


The Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter features many convenient points for your work needs:

  • HONDA GX160 ENGINE – This 160cc engine produces 4.8 HP at 3,600 rpm. The air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine produces less noise and emissions, plus it generates fewer vibrations than other small models. It also automatically shuts off when its oil supply is low, ensuring there will always be pressured oils ready for when you need to push your wedge through the wood.
  • CONCENTRIC PUMP – The Concentric pump adjusts the pressure and flow; based on the log it senses. You won’t have to constantly adjust the splitter’s power level to make this work. The pump supports a maximum PSI of 3,500, plus it operates at 11 gallons per minute, so it can handle more wood for your work needs. The intense power helps the splitter produce up to 24 tons of ram force at a time.
  • 2-INCH BALL COUPLER – You can link your Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter with a vehicle for towing, thanks to the ball coupler on the end. The coupler pairs with an adjustable jack and eight-inch tires.
  • WIDE LOG TABLE – You can add a log up to 25 by 16 inches in size on the heavy-duty table.
  • QUAD FILTRATION SYSTEM – The splitter’s filter setup uses four steps to filter out particles produced in the splitting process. One of these filters is a 10-micron return line filter that targets the smallest wood particles. There’s also a magnetic drain plug that collects metal shavings. These filters keep your hydraulic system clean and safe, so you won’t need to maintain the space as often.
  • ENGINE GUARD – To stop debris from falling from the log table onto the engine
  • METAL FUEL TANK – This means that the fuel tank won’t deteriorate over time.

Here is a video from the folks over at Northstar showing some of the features of this log splitter in detail:



  • The engine guard ensures the model will keep working
  • The bolt-on tables help you center the logs before splitting
  • The pump uses less horsepower on average
  • Supports most trailer hitches


  • Extensive assembly is required
  • Does not have an idle down feature
  • Weighs close to 700 pounds


The Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter is for those looking for a splitter that can last and doesn’t require much care. The sturdy shielding and filtration setup on this splitter ensure wood pieces, metal shavings, and other items won’t interfere with the mechanism.

This splitter is also for people who have multiple splitting jobs in various places. You’ll require a model that you can tote around as necessary. The trailer support on this splitter ensures you can move the model to any spot where you need to split wood.


  • Honda GX160 engine
  • Concentric pump with Brand valve
  • Steel-reinforced hose with wire braid
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Engine guard
  • Two eight-inch tires with steel fenders
  • Two-inch ball coupler
  • Jack stand
  • Automatic cylinder return
  • Eight-gallon oil reservoir
  • 0.83-gallon fuel tank


You can use the Northstar 24 Ton Log Splitter with a few steps:

  • Be sure the splitter has the proper amount of oil and fuel in their respective tanks.
  • Wear the proper safety equipment before you start. These pieces include gloves, work boots, and safety glasses.
  • Move the splitter to the vertical position after you move it to the proper space for work. Be sure the splitter is on flat ground.
  • Align your log so the splitter will cut it with the grain. The log must be sized well to where it can fit in the splitter.
  • Turn on the valve to get the machine to start pushing the log into the wedge.
  • Return the valve to retract the cutting cylinder. The wood should be fully split at this point.

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