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May 31, 2023

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Model: OPS240

Quick Overview

Gas-powered kinetic log splitters are incredibly energy efficient when compared to their hydraulic counterparts which are more common. A hydraulic splitter uses hydraulic pumps to move the cutting wedge deep into the log. Whereas, a kinetic log splitter uses energy from flywheels to convert it into a burst of force and therefore split the log.

So why would you decide to opt for a kinetic log splitter – or more specifically a Detail K2 Log Splitter?

Features of the Detail K2 Log Splitter – OPS240 40 Ton Kinetic

  • The K2-OPS240 features a high turnover rate ( Splits and returns the log in 1 second)
  • Uses flywheel technology


  • Fewer parts to worry about – that means less breakages and downtime 
  • No hydraulic oil – means there is less maintenance required and ZERO oil leakages.

Detail K2 OPS240 40 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter Size

The machine needs to work in an open environment. The size in comparison to its hydraulic competitors is relatively small but still the machine needs to be operated in an open environment.


As with all kinetic log splitters, the price is relatively higher than the hydraulic splitter alternative. But they do come with a pretty solid list of Pros to weigh up when comparing to their hydraulic counterpart.

Pros & Cons


  1. High speed technology.Able to split logs on average in 2.3 seconds or under.
  2. There are no chance of leakages as no hydraulic oil is used.
  3. The part replacement is also low as the machine is pretty straightforward and generally simple in its design.
  4. Easier to handle easier to handle and maneuver to your log pile for processing.


  1. Relatively expensive as compared to other alternatives in the market.
  2. Extremely dense logs are a challenge for these machines. So if you have some serious hardwood to split you may want to consider a hydraulic splitter.

Can only operate in horizontal position. This may become difficult when loading large pieces of wood onto the machine. 

All in all, the kinetic splitter is a great machine for people who wish to save time and reduce cost in the long run. As the K2 OPS240 delivers on speed (lower turnover rate) and cost (lower utility cost overtime). 

High Speed Kinetic Log Splitter

It has been said that these machines are the future of the log splitting industry. This is because technology revolves around a “Flywheel” system. This system uses the force that is generated from the flywheel to move the shaft and ram in order to split the log. 

The incredible thing about this type of log splitter is that the entire process often takes less than one second to complete. This means that there is very little waiting for the ram to split the wood, retract and return itself to its initial position.

Who is this Product for?

If you’re someone who is frustrated by the slow and painstaking process of splitting wood using a hydraulic log splitter, the Detail K2 OPS240 may be just what you’re after. 

 Literally any of the kinetic log-splitters with their auto-retract technology is a life saver for people who know the real value of time. 

Another reason that this log splitter might be a good option for you is if you like your machinery to be neat and tidy all the time. With no leaky valve or spillage of oil, The Detail K2 log splitter makes sure  that your tidy garage/shed is maintained. 

Another reason this may be for you is that the Detail K2 is great for people who can’t afford breakdown times or machinery shutdown times. The kinetic log splitter only requires minor routine tuning.

What’s Included in the K2 Detail OPS240 kit?

The kinetic log splitter comes with all the necessary equipment to make the machine operational. Here are  some of the critical components that are included with the splitter:

  1. Flywheel
  2. Gasoline engine
  3. Work Table
  4. Upper hood

There are a total of 55 tools or parts that come along with this 40 Ton beast of a kinetic wood splitter. A complete tool list will be found in the user manual that comes along with the machine. 

Overview of Features

Full Cycle time of 1 Second

The average time of an hydraulic splitter is between 15 – 30 seconds. Whereas, the kinetic log splitter provided has a complete cycle time of 1 second. This is because of the technology used in the machine

Easier to maintain

The hydraulic log splitter has a long list of items that need to be checked every know and than in order to make sure that the machine is in proper working condition. Whereas the kinetic log splitter has no such issue or intricacies. Plus there are no leakages so the machine stays in a healthy condition at all times. Only engine tuning is needed every once in a while 

Energy Efficient

A very pivotal advantage of kinetic splitters is that they often receive tons of accolades for its low energy consumption. This is because of the nature of technology, flywheel, that is employed at the heart of the machine. 


A hydraulic splitter requires skilled and experienced staff to move it from one location to another. Whereas, the kinetic log splitter is a relatively easier to handle machine. That can be easily rolled into a truck and then rolled out of the truck in the desired location. 

Tutorial/ How To Use It

A complete guide as to how to install the kinetic log splitter is shared. Please click here.

Although you may get the complete installation guide I would like to share some important guidelines as to make the functioning of the log splitter smooth.

  1. Make sure the oil levels are kept at the required level.
  2. Gas is kept at the minimum level at all times.
  3. Tuning is done based on the instructions provided by the supplier.
  4. Make sure that the warning on the labels is always followed as to ensure a safe working environment.


In a nutshell, the kinetic log splitter is a one-stop-shop for all your log splitting needs. It could be used split the hardest wood in a matter of seconds. A machine that ensures that a clean workspace is maintained at all times. Moreover, its fuel efficiency ensures that business involved in cutting logs saves heaps and loads of money. Its low maintenance is a plus point for users from all walks of life. 

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