Sportsman Kinetic Log Splitter – 19 Ton Gas Powered Kinetic Master

May 31, 2023

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The Sportsman Kinetic Log Splitter 19 Ton Gasoline Powered Kinetic Log Splitter allows you to slice through some heavy-duty logs. This log splitter belongs to the family of gas-powered log splitters.

The KSPLIT19 has single flywheel technology. The flywheel enables the log splitter to thrust force onto the log pushing it through the cutting wedge. The sheer size of the machine enables it to split logs of almost all sizes.

The KSPLIT19 also has a built-in log cradle that prevents the log from falling onto the ground. The 12” X 4.8” wheels on the KPSLIT19 allow the machine to be easily moved through rough terrain. Unlike its competitors that are generally equipped with a smaller set of wheels. 

The KPSLIT19 sportsman series is suitable for people who want fast splitting on medium to large logs.

Features of the KSPLIT 19 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter

  • Two-handed operation for safety.
  • The recoil start is relatively smooth and easier.
  • Runs on unleaded gasoline – more environmentally friendly.
  • Low oil shutdown – safeguarding equipment from any serious damage
  • The 7” inch steel wedge makes chopping wood smooth


  • Easy to split through hardwoods
  • A higher clearance from the ground makes it easy for the user to operate the machine
  • The gas-powered engine is as solid as a rock

KSPLIT 19 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter Size

The Sportsman kinetic log splitter is a relatively larger machine capable of cutting up hardwood and making it more feasible for heavy-duty work. The machine needs to be towed to the workstations, its wheels further facilitate the towing process. The KSPLIT19 can’t be loaded into the trunk of a car because of its size. An adequate transport vehicle may be required for its shifting. 

Sportsman Kinetic Log Splitter Price

The KSPLIT19 machine is expensive. And is not something that would be preferred by people who are intending to make economical purchases. Such machines are more ideal for small-scale commercial set-ups or households where the consumption of log is high in volume and frequent in usage. 

Pros & Cons


  1. The main key benefit of this machine is its power capacity – enabling it to split hardwood  logs.
  2. The 7 inch blade ensures that a smooth drive cut is done to the log.
  3. The power of the KSPLIT19 also ensures that the logs are split under 2 seconds.
  4. The relatively large wheel gives it the unique benefit of it being transported easily anywhere. 


  1. The noise generated from the operating of the KSPLIT19 makes it unsuitable to be used in suburban areas. 
  2. Maintenance is more frequent as compared to its electric log splitters.

Lastly, the Sportsman Kinetic Log Spliter – KSPLIT 19 Ton Log Splitter is a feasible option for people who wish to operate on heavy-duty logs and intend to get through work relatively faster. 

High Speed KSPLIT 19 Ton Gasoline Log Splitter

If you are a person who loves speed and efficiency. Someone who likes to get work completed in a short span of time. Someone who dislikes being let down by the machinery he uses. Someone that wants a log splitter that could split through the densest of the hardwood. Someone who wants the entire supply of winter log to be completed over a weekend. Then the KSPLIT19 sportsman series is your ideal candidate for the job. It would be the working partner you never had.

The KSKPLIT 19 delivers on its promises and would go over a big pile of wood logs in a single afternoon. Though it may be expensive, it is worth its cost. The KSPLIT19 is ideal for people who want to use it commercially. 

Who is this Product for?

The KSPLIT19 is ideal for people who want speed and power. The sportsman series delivers 19 times faster than a conventional hydraulic log splitter. The super fast cycle time of KSPLIT19 makes it possible to go through a full cord of wood in under an hour. 

In addition to saving time the KSPLIT19 also saves you money. The log splitter generates an equal power of a 19 ton hydraulic power and this it does through by not wasting fuel and any headache of the hydraulic lines. This is made possible by the 35 pound flywheel and the 7 inch steel that it uses to cut through the logs. 

What’s Included in the KSPLIT 19 Ton Gasoline Log Splitter

The KSPLIT19 log splitter comes with all the necessary equipment to make the machine operational. Here are  some of the critical components that are included with the splitter:

  1. 7 inch steel splitting wedge
  2. 35 pound flywheel
  3. A set of two 12” X 4.8” wheels
  4. 212 cc engine
  5. 7HP motor

There are a total of 77 tools or parts that come along with the KSPLIT19 sportsman series log splitter.  A complete tool list will be found in the user manual that comes along with the machine. 

Overview of Features

Powerful Splitting Force

The 7- Ton splitting force enables the Powerhorse log splitter to chop any piece of log. The cutting wedge of the splitter easily splits through the log. Thus giving out clean cut logs. 


The 19 Ton force of KSPLIT outweighs its competitors in handling the complexity of the jobs. No matter the density of the wood. KSPLIT19 can get the job done. This is ideal for people who wish to split an entire winter supply of log over a weekend.  


The capacity of the KSPLIT19 sportsman series ensures that large blocks of wood are easily handled. This makes it feasible in places where there are usually larger diameters of logs available. 

Tutorial/ How To Use It

A complete guide as to how to install the Generac 10 Ton log splitter is shared. Please click here.

Although you may get the complete installation guide I would like to share some important guidelines as to make the functioning of the gasoline powered log splitter smooth.

  1. Must always be operated by one person.
  2. Other people should always keep a safe distance from the machine.
  3. If the log gets jammed only one person should try to free it.
  4. It is vital that you ensure that there are no foreign objects in the log.


Lastly, the KSPLIT 19 sportsman series is ideal for users that would like to go through large cords of wood over a short period of time. The KSLPIT19 could be ideal for small scale commercial businesses. It could also be ideal for households that wish to have a large supply splitted log wood. The sportsman series could be ideal for locations that have recorded winter conditions throughout the year. This could provide them with a steady supply of wood in a rather convenient and fuel efficient method.  

  1. I have this splitter,works great as advertised, unfortunately the rack and pinion is fragile.i have replaced these parts 3 times in a year. All covered under warranty. The warranty is expired and now will cost around $500.00 to repair.

    • Thanks David! Really appreciate that feedback. Their warranty is good, but that is an expensive fix when out of warranty for sure!

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