Generac Log Splitter – 10 Ton Kinetic Lovable Monster of a machine! [REVIEW]

May 31, 2023

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Model: WR31110ACNG

This Generac Log Splitter is unlike any other splitter. Featuring 10 Tons of splitting force it is electric-powered, and makes use of a kinetic flywheel to split the logs. We believe that the Generac wood splitter outmatches any other splitter in its category. The Generac is energy efficient as compared to gas and hydraulic splitters. Generac 10 Ton Kinetic splitter comes equipped with a 2HP motor that provides it the power to split logs in up to 12” in diameter in under a second. The Generac harnesses energy unlike any other splitter and slices logs like a knife through a watermelon.

Let us dive into the intricacies of the Generac Kinetic Log Splitter. And discuss why this should be your go-to log splitter

Features of the Generac Log Splitter – 10 Ton Kinetic

  • The Generac features a high turnover rate ( Splits and returns the log in 1 second)
  • Uses flywheel technology
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Split logs upto 12” in diameter
  • No Gas required


  • Fewer parts to worry about – that means less breakages and downtime 
  • No hydraulic oil – means there is less maintenance required and ZERO oil leakages.
  • Relatively rates low on noise pollution as compared to hydraulic and gas splitters. 

Details of Generac 10 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter Size

The Generac, unlike its counterparts, can work in either open or closed environments. It doesn’t have the limitation of being operated in an open environment. Since, Generac is a 10 Ton log splitter it’s log size is relatively smaller than a gas and hydraulic splitter. 


This point in particular could be used as a selling point for the Generac 10 Ton log splitter. The price of this super efficient and smart log splitter is almost 50% less than its competitors. This makes the Generac 10 Ton log splitter the complete package in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost.   

Pros & Cons


  1. One of the main advantages of the Generac log splitter is that it’s much quieter than the gas powered and hydraulic splitter. This makes it the perfect machinery to be used in suburban areas.
  2. The running maintenance cost of the machine is very low. 
  3. Splits log upto 12” in diameter.
  4. Powerful electric motor
  5. No gas required thus saves the hassle of fueling it every now and then. 


  1. Less powerful than its counterparts thus it is a challenge for these electric splitter to split large pieces of logs. 
  2. Another downside of this machine that though you may take it anywhere you want. But there should be a power supply that fulfills the requirement of this machine. Thus limiting its usage in remote areas. Where one might not find power connections with ease. Moreover, using extensions to reach far out power supplies also risks the user of getting entangled in the chords and may suffer an injury.

Lastly, the Generac 10 Ton Electric Log Splitter is a feasible option for people who wish to operate indoors, looking for reducing noise pollution and small log pieces.

High Speed Electric Log Splitter

To someone living far out in a desolate location or living in the mountains, far out from civilization or you are John Snow (Which you probably are not), splitting logs by an axe is something of the past. That being said the Generac 10 Ton log splitter is the future and it brings also with it a technology that revolutionizes the process of log splitting. It completely depends on you and if you are looking for a tedious process of cutting wood then an axe is probably the go-to option. But if you wish to get it done and over with then the Generac 10 Ton log splitter is made for you.

The Generac helps you slice through the wood in under a second. Something that is very valuable for people who understand the essence of time and don’t intend to waste it on tasks that carry no significant value.

Who is this Product for?

If you’re someone who is frustrated by the slow and painstaking process of splitting wood using a hydraulic log splitter, the Generac may be just what you’re after. 

Literally any kinetic log-splitter, with their auto-retract technology is a life saver for people who know the real value of time. 

Another reason that this log splitter might be a good option for you is if you like your machinery to be neat and tidy all the time. With no leaky valve or spillage of oil, Generac log splitter makes sure  that your tidy garage/shed is maintained. 

Another reason this may be for you is that the Generac is great for people who can’t afford breakdown times or machinery shutdown times. The kinetic log splitter only requires minor routine tuning.

What’s Included in the Generac Log Splitter – 10 Ton Kinetic?

The kinetic log splitter comes with all the necessary equipment to make the machine operational. Here are  some of the critical components that are included with the splitter:

  1. Motor
  2. Splitting Wedge
  3. Wood splitter head
  4. Work Table
  5. Upper hood

There are a total of 33 tools or parts that come along with the Generac 10 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter. A complete tool list will be found in the user manual that comes along with the machine. 

Generac Wood Splitter – Features

1 Second Deal

The average splitting time for a hydraulic splitter is between 15 – 30 seconds. Whereas, the gas splitter takes under 2.5 seconds. But the ultimate time saver award goes to the Generac 10 Ton log splitter as it splits in under a second. With a 2HP motor anything is possible with this monster of a machine.

Auto Retraction

This feature of the electric powered splitter gives you the opportunity to keep your hands free and load on the second piece of log into the machine. Thus making it more productive.

Easier Storage

The Generac 10 Ton log splitter comes in very handy with people having storage limitations. With a maximum height of 2 foot it could be easily loaded into the truck of your car and can be transported to the location of your choice. You may also not worry about the length as that is a total of 4 foot thus making it easy to adjust in the trunk. 

Light Weight

When thinking of a log splitter the notion is that it is something that would weigh in tons. That is not the case with the Generac 10 Ton log splitter. With a weight of totaling under 60Kg it is something that can be easily handled with a two person team. No need of hydraulic jacks or forklifts for the maneuvering of machines.

Energy Efficient

This Generac log splitter takes the lead in being energy efficient as compared to its counterparts. This is primarily because of  the low powered motor that it equips.

Tutorial/ How To Use It

A complete guide as to how to install the Generac 10 Ton log splitter is shared. Please click here.

Although you may get the complete installation guide I would like to share some important guidelines as to make the functioning of the log splitter smooth.

  1. Must always be operated by one person.
  2. Other people should always keep a safe distance from the machine.
  3. If the log gets jammed only one person should try to free it.
  4. It is vital that you ensure that there are no foreign objects in the log.


Lastly, the Generac 10 Ton Log Splitter is for people that are vested in buying equipment that relieves them from storage problems, not interested in buying heavy weighted equipment and want something that could be quietly used in the suburban areas. 

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