20 Ton Brave Log Splitter Review – A Heroic Machine.

May 31, 2023

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Although cutting wood by hand is satisfying, a log splitter can ease your stresses significantly. If you need to cut or burn lots of wood, investing in a good log splitter can prevent back pain and other difficulties.

This Brave Log splitter review will very simply outline all the key features, benefits, pros, and cons of this machine.

The Brave Log Splitter – 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas powered, is one of the finest introductions to the market for cutting bulk logs. It is the perfect value-for-money tool because of its dual splitting capabilities. You can split logs in both directions. Hence, the recycling time is significantly reduced by half, meaning you don’t need to wait around for the machine to reach its reset position.

It can split logs up to 24” in diameter. With a significantly reduced 7 second cycle time, this machine is the perfect choice for homeowners who want both quality and value.


In this part of our Brave Log Splitter Review, we will be talking in-depth about the many features of the Brave Log Splitter.

1. High Splitting Force

The Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter is an American-made log splitter. The machine’s dual-action consists of two strokes, which extend and retract. With these strokes, the log splitter operates in both directions simultaneously.

As you can split logs back and forth simultaneously, the cycle time is significantly reduced. You can split logs at twice the speed.

2. Powerful Honda OHC Engine

The splitter uses a high-quality Honda GC engine. It is a 4-cycle based Over Camshaft Engine (OHC). It runs at 160cc power. The main benefits of using such engines are that it is quiet while running and starts quickly. Hence, any kind of handler can use it efficiently.

3. Horizontal Working Position

It is a horizontal machine with two wheels at the bottom. It has the additional utility to be towed if needed. The horizontal positioning of this machine lets you work with more convenience.

4. Splits Long Logs

The Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter has convenient dual-splitting features. It is capable of splitting up to 24” diameter logs of any size. The dual splitting actions also reduce work time by 50%.

5. Removable Cradle

Another attractive feature of this log splitter is the adjustable cradles. This exciting feature lets you affix split logs in place. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about straining your back too much.

Also, these log cradles are easily removable, which is perfect for moving.

6. Highway Graded Tires

This feature is a pretty unique addition. Unlike other log splitters, the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter has high-speed highway-leveled tires that can run at 45 mph. These tires also come with safety chains and another hitch coupler.

7. Carbon Steel Blade

The Log Splitter contains carbon steel blades. These blades have excellent durability. With the large 8 inch dual-action blades, splitting logs is child’s play.

Also, the height of the blades is perfect for steady operation. These blades last longer than the typical ones. So frequent sharpening will not be a concern.

8. Log Splitter Cover

The Splitter comes with an excellent after-market log splitter cover. Therefore, you don’t need to be wary of harsh weather damaging the machine. The heavy-duty cover will protect your log splitter from foreign elements. It is water repellent, so you will not have to worry about rust.

The Pros

The main benefits of the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter are:

  • Lower cycle time of only 7 seconds
  • High-quality highway graded tires
  • Adjustable log trays in both ways
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Dual-splitting action
  • Reduced work time
  • Relief from back pain
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Quiet running action

The Cons

You may face the following problems while operating this log splitter:

  • Can’t use more than 100 cords per season
  • Can’t cut or split logs over 24” diameters
  • Fume accumulation because of gas-driven splitter
  • Small hydraulic reservoir size
  • No auto-return functionality


This machine includes:

  • 20 tons of splitting force
  • 28-inch splitting heights
  • 160cc Honda GC engine
  • 7 second cycle time
  • Max cuttable log diameter of 16 inches
  • Max cuttable log length of 25 inches
  • 2-inch hitch
  • 360 lbs weight
  • 8-inch high carbon steel blade
  • 45 mph tow speed

Who Should Use the Brave Log Splitter?

Now that we have discussed all the features, benefits, and downsides of the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter, let’s talk about who should actually use the machine

First, this machine is not an industry-grade log splitter. So, if you are looking for something that needs to perform industry-level tasks, this machine is not the one.

Brave Log Splitter Review - Make life simpler at home

So, who can benefit from it?

The answer is simple: homeowners.

If you want to help yourself from stressing too much while cutting logs, it is a perfect choice for you. Again, those who are familiar with log splitters will find this machine exciting. 

As it contains dual-splitting action, your work time significantly decreases. With the quick 7 second cycle time, you can complete splitting tasks much faster. 

Things Included with Purchase

1. Universal Log Splitter Cover

When you buy the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter, you get an additional log splitter cover to protect your machine from dirt, dust, water, and other harsh conditions. The cover provides rust-free conditions for the machine.

2. Jack Stands

Jack stands are also included with the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter. Thus, you can lift the vehicle up or down easily. Also, the safety precautions are well maintained with these jack stands.

3. Log Cradles

Another additional item you get with the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter is removing the log cradles. Log cradles help the machine pile up the wood logs. Therefore, you don’t need to stress your back to pick up the logs anymore.

Product Summary

The Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter is an American-made log splitter of 20 tons, which is an excellent choice for homeowners. It has a minimum cycle time of 7 seconds. Also, the dual-splitting action lets you work more efficiently.

As the blade is capable of cutting simultaneously back and forth, it becomes easier to split logs. The external log cradles help the cut logs to remain there. Moreover, this product comes with two years of consumer warranty. Being gas-powered, you won’t end up with enormous electricity bills.

To conclude, the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter will certainly provide a bang for your buck.

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