How Much is a Log Splitter? – Your 3 Best Options

May 31, 2023

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Technology has made life easier, for both individuals and commercial, large scale businesses. This is the case for homeowners and businesses in need of, or dealing with firewood.

Purchasing an already split firewood, consistently, in the long run, could be quite expensive.

The cheaper alternative is owning a log splitter.

So, how much is a log splitter?

Types of Log Splitters

Log splitters can be categorized and classified based on their mode of operation or how they are powered, and how they can be used. Based on mode of operation, there are three, broad types of log splitters:

Manual: This log splitter is powered manually, either by hand or foot. While it is the cheapest, it requires more man power.

How much is a log splitter - Manual Log Splitter
Hand holding a sledgehammer, hit a wedge to split a birch log

Electric: This is the eco-friendliest log splitter as it produces no fumes. It is powered by connecting it to a power source within the house or outdoors. It operates on hydraulics powered by electricity.

Gas/Petrol: It is the most powerful, efficient, largest, albeit most expensive log splitter to own and operate. While its mode of operation is similar to that of electric, hydraulic, which is powered by gas, it gives more room for movement as it isn’t connected to a power source, while emitting fumes.

How much is a log splitter - Gas/Petrol Log Splitter
A wood splitter machine with wood logs stacked in a pile background

In addition to the aforementioned classification, a log splitter can also be categorized based on how they could be used to split logs horizontally or vertically. Some could switch between horizontal and vertical splitting, while others have just one form.

Is a log splitter worth it?

Absolutely! cutting down on both the time and energy it takes to split wood has got to be a positive.

Cost of a Log Splitter

How much a log splitter costs chiefly depends on its type, what it will be used for – household or commercial, and how it could be used, vertically or horizontally, or both. In addition, it also depends on if you are getting a brand new or a used one. In this section, we will be answering the question “how much is a log splitter?”

Manual: This type of log splitter costs between $100 to $300.

Electric: A new electric log splitter mostly costs between the range of $500 to $1000. However, there are some more which are more expensive, costing as much as $5,000.

Gas: A new gas wood splitter costs between $1,500 and $10,000. It will be emphasized to be the most expensive log splitter.

Owning a New or Used Log Splitter or Renting

The cost and budget of individuals might necessitate either purchasing a new or used log splitter or just renting.

While getting a new log splitter might be challenging, budget wise, cheaper alternatives include getting a used one or renting.

A used log splitter doesn’t mean less value or functionality, as it has a protracted life span. They can also be purchased on reputable e-commerce stores like Alibaba and Amazon, for more than halve the price of a new. Another short term, economical approach is renting.

Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

Before delving into the benefits of using a log splitter, it is imperative to discuss first, the benefits of using firewood, as against gas and electricity. Two important advantages of using firewood compared to its other alternatives, is, being economic and environment friendly.

Comparatively, it is cheaper, performing some functions gas and electricity does. In addition, it is eco-friendly, as a result of it being carbon neutral. The following are benefits of using a log splitter:

Ease: it is an easy, mechanical way of splitting firewood, compared to other methods like axe or chainsaw. In addition, it is also easy to learn how to operate it. You shouldn’t think of it as a rocket science.

Efficient: it saves time, effort and energy. More could be done in less time with little effort.

Safety: Hazards associated with other forms of wood splitter can be avoided by using this approach.

Durable: It requires little maintenance and could last for a long time.

Beautiful cuts: A log splitter gives clean, uniform, split logs, as against uneven ones.

Portable: It can be easily carried and stored.

log Splitter Rental

This is a short term solution to the cost of owning a log splitter. It isn’t a long term solution, as the cost incurred over weeks or months is enough to own a log splitter. So it is advisable that if you have a consistent need for a log splitter, you get one, but if it a one-time need, this approach could be worth it. For rented log splitters, here are some recommended rental options: Home Depot, Rental HQ, Sunbelt Rentals, A Tool Shed, Herc Rentals, United Rentals, Rental Village, Rental Yard, Koopman Lumber, etc. Below is a possible breakdown of renting a log splitter:

Hourly: It costs between $15-40, depending on where and the type of splitter.

Four Hours: It can cost as much as $40-70.

Daily: It can cost you as much as $70-100.

Factors to Consider when getting a Log Splitter

There are some factors you should think about before or when getting a log splitter, they include:

Identifying need: Considering this and the extent of need will help you in understanding if you should own, rent, or the type of log splitter to purchase.

Budget: If you have a consistent need for a log splitter, identify that which you could afford – new or old, while also meeting your needs.

Purpose: You should ask the question, “why am I getting a log splitter?� Do you want some physical exercise while getting the job done, or are you all about efficiency? Is it for household or commercial? The answer to these will help you determine the type of log splitter to get.

Final Thoughts

During the course of this article, we have been able to hint on everything you need to know in your log splitting journey.

This include what log splitters are, benefits, types, costs, and factors to consider when shopping for your log splitters. We hope this article is helpful and able to answer any questions you might have regarding this topic. We are excited bringing you all this information on log splitters and hoped you enjoyed it.

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