How to make a Log Splitter With a Hydraulic Jack? – 7 Easy Steps

May 31, 2023

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So, you’re wanting to know how to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack…

I can see why, buying a hydraulic log splitter can be pretty expensive.

Many people don’t realise that with a bit of spare time and some ingenuity, you can create a log splitter using a hydraulic jack as the mechanism .

Before you wonder how to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack, go through the procedure below. The step-by-step guide will help you do so.

How to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack

How to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack

Step 1: Create a frame:

The first thing is to create the frame. The frame size will depend on the hydraulic jack you want to use. Additionally, you need to create the frame as a saw horse. You can do so with the help of welding. While creating a frame ensures that it is such that legs can be attached to it.

You will need to create such a frame, including a steel beam, sheet metal, and the acetylene welding torch. To join the different pieces together, you will also need steel brackets. To keep you safe, always use a welding mask and protective goggles.

Step 2: Build the sliding blocks:

After you have added the frame together, now is the time to create a sliding block. This is the block where you will place the wood for cutting it. It needs to secure the wood and slide it to the wedge.

This block’s size will depend on the wooden block size you need to cut. Additionally, it needs to be smooth to move.

Once again, you can use steel metal sheets to create such a blog. The best is to place steel beams adjacent and cover them with sheet metal on top. That way, the block will not be hollow. To move it, you can easily use channels or small wheels.

Step 3: Mount the jack:

Now is the time to integrate the hydraulic jack with the assembly. You have to place it on one end of the frame. The placement should be such that the sliding block and the piece of wood you want to cut will be below the jack once you move it to that end.

Step 4: Integrate the jack:

The best way to secure the jack is to use a collar and place it around the jack. After that, you have to weld it in place. The welding should be done to the collar. You have to double-check for the structural integrity of the welding before moving to the next step.

Step 5: Integrate the wedge:

After that, integrate the wedge with the blade in the direction of the sliding block. You can easily buy one from your nearby hardware store. You have to attach it to the hydraulic jack.

In case you cannot buy a wedge, you can make one with the help of metal sheets.

The wedge is very important since the hydraulic jack will be operated manually. That is why get the sharpest wedge possible. Even though you can create one, getting one from the store is advisable.

Step 6: Make it portable:

Do you plan on moving around the log splitter?

If so, you must attach wheels at the bottom of the frame. Otherwise, you can skip this step. The wheels should be lockable so that it will remain stable when you’re using the log splitter. Additionally, the wheels you are attaching should be such that they can handle the heavy weight and force of the log splitter.

Step 7: Test it:

Lastly, you have to test the log splitter before using it for cutting bulk wood. While testing it, wear all the protective gear and also use a dry piece of wood so that it will cut quickly. Before you turn on the jack, ensure that it is properly secure and that the sliding block is in the proper place.

Only once you have tested it once or twice can you rely on it to cut wood regularly.

You can create a log splitter with a hydraulic jack in these seven simple steps.

You will need skills to create a log splitter with a hydraulic jack. In case you haven’t worked on any DIY projects before, even with this procedure, it will be difficult for you to create a log splitter.

How do you make a log splitter wedge?

To make a log splitter wedge you need to do the following:

  • Take four sheets of metal or iron (These resemble the four plates)
  • Arrange them so that they intersect and cut the innermost angle of each one. To do so, the 1st blade should be at 90 and the other two should also be at 90with respect to one another.
  • Weld them so that each one is at an angle of 90to the adjacent one.

That’s it!

Once you weld them together, your log splitter wedge will be ready.


How do you split logs?

The best way to split logs is to either use your log splitter or a hydraulic one.

Should you grease a log splitter?

Yes, you should grease the log splitter. In place of these, you can use a liquid lubricant as well. This will ensure that the log splitter does not rust and cuts efficiently.

What kind of oil goes in a log splitter?

AW22 hydraulic oil is good enough for the log splitter. Even though you can substitute it with other types of hydraulic oils, this one is the best.

How do you winterize a log splitter?

It is best to store the log splitter in a clean and dry place in the winter. This will prevent mold growth or corrosion. Additionally, the log splitter should be stored in a well-ventilated covered place.

How long should a log splitter last?

A single cutting cycle of log splitters shouldn’t last more than 10 to 20 seconds. If you and the logs are moving slowly, it will take more time to handle the same amount of wood, and the force needed will also be more. In that case, the wear and tear of the log splitter will be more.


Using the guide above, you will no longer have to wonder how to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack. The step-by-step procedure ensures that you can do so easily. However, a much better approach is buying a ready-made log splitter since creating one is a complex task.

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