How to Split Wood by Hand in 3 Simple Steps!

May 31, 2023

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Learning how to split wood by hand certainly has its advantages. You will be able to split it into the size which you want. However, many homeowners aren’t aware of how to split wood by hand?

If you are one of them, our guide today can undoubtedly help you.

Things you will need for splitting wood by hand:

  • Splitting Maul
  • Axe
  • Wooden block

How to split larger wood pieces?

If you need wooden pieces bigger than 8 inches, the technique we will highlight now is better.

Step one: Using the maul:

You will need a maul to cut larger pieces, and you have to start low. You have to use your body weight to bring the maul down when you’re swinging it.

Step two: Use the power of your core:

When you swing the maul, you have to keep your core strong. Your legs should be wider than the shoulder, and you should be slightly bent. This will allow you to bring the maul down with precision.

Step three: Cutting the wood further:

When you bring the maul down in such a way, the wooden pieces are likely to be broken into two. However, that does not mean you will get wooden pieces of the exact size you want. To achieve that size, you need to chop the two pieces into smaller ones again.

You must use the same technique as highlighted above.

With the help of this technique, it is easier for you to get even-sized wooden pieces.

How to split smaller wood pieces?

For the smaller wooden pieces, you have to use an axe. That is because the edge of the axe is sharper, and also you will be able to cut the wood into smaller pieces precisely.

While using the axe, the only thing which you have to ensure is that you hit the wood at the right spot. When you do that, the wood will split easily.

If you use limited power, the blade can be stuck as well. In that case, you will have to bring the axe down again at the same spot.

If the axe is stuck in wood, you have to get the axe out and hit the piece of wood on the wooden block. Doing so will separate them both. After that, once again, you can try to cut the wood into smaller pieces.

You can easily split wood by hand using these two techniques whether you need smaller pieces or larger pieces. There are, however, a few additional steps you need to follow:

Additional tips to split wood by hand:

Once you follow these steps, it becomes easy for you to split the wood efficiently.

1. Go with a chopping block:

While splitting wood by hand, it is a good idea to always use a chopping block. With the help of a chopping block, cutting the wood is easy, and you will not have to bend that low either. That is why; the chances of suffering from back pain are low.

2. Sandwich the logs:

If you want to cut the wood precisely, it is better to use chopping blocks. You should sandwich the logs between these two blocks. Also, the ground on which you keep the blocks and the logs should be soft. In that case, it becomes easier for you to split the wood.

By sandwiching the logs, you will be able to precisely bring down the axe or the maul. That way, you will not have to worry about splitting the same piece again and again.

3. Use a tire:

In addition to a wooden block, you can also use a tire. With the help of a tire, you will get a higher height which ensures that you do not have to bend so much to cut the logs. The reduction in bending means not having to worry about back pain.

4. Some pieces won’t split:

Irrespective of the tools you are using, some pieces will simply not split. They require machine work. That is why, if even after your best effort, the wooden pieces are not splitting, you might have to use an electric log splitter in that case.

Once you follow these steps, the task of splitting wood by hand is indeed easy.

If you’re looking for the exact technique, you can follow the steps highlighted above. Doing so will certainly ensure that you can split wood into proper dimensions without trying again and again.

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